Are You a Valuer, Solicitor or Surveyor?
InstaSale is the perfect solution for you to get new clients
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Are You a Valuer, Solicitor or Surveyor?
InstaSale is the perfect solution for you to get new clients
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For Buyers and Sellers
InstaSale is the UK's first completely free-to-use property portal that connects buyers and sellers. Thousands of sellers trust InstaSale to list their properties for sale and millions of buyers use InstaSale to make offers on properties, whether they are listed for sale or not.
Any Property Across the UK
You've spotted a property that you would love to buy but it's not listed for sale. Don't wait for your dream home to come on the market. InstaSale allows buyers to make a no obligation provisional offer direct to the owner of any property in the UK. There is no limit to the amount of properties you can make an offer on and as many as 1 in 6 offers end in a sale.
Every Deal is Completely Automated
As soon as a provisional offer is made on a property, the InstaSale Assistant jumps into action. Our clever bot will guide you through the whole journey, contacting the property owner, handling negotiations, updating you on the status of the deal as it changes, and even sourcing the best deal from InstaSale's panel of solicitors, surveyors and valuers.
Built-in Service Marketplace
One of the many confusing aspects of buying and selling a property is deciding which professional service providers to use. InstaSale removes the confusion by offering these services to both buyers and sellers at exactly the right stage of the deal. There is no obligation to use our panel of professionals but if you do you can be sure to get the best deal as our service providers will bid against each other to win your business.
How It Works
For Buyers
For Sellers
Find a Property
Every property in the UK can be found on InstaSale. In fact that makes us the biggest property portal in the country! Finding a property is simple using InstaSale's intuitive search and filter tool.
Provisional Offer
Great! You've found a property you'd like to buy. Make a no obligation provisional offer direct to the owner using the property portal and InstaSale will contact the owner on your behalf.
Accept Valuation or Negotiate
When a property owner responds to your provisional offer they will accept, reject or put forward their own valuation. If the owners valuation is higher than your provisional offer, the InstaSale Assistant will guide you through the negotiation process.
Request Professional Services
Once both you and the seller are happy to do a deal, you'll be able to request the services of the professionals to help you with the transaction. You won't get a better deal anywhere else!
Done! You are Ready to Complete
With the hard part now done it's over to the professionals to do the rest. InstaSale has been trusted by thousands of buyers just like you to guide them through the property purchase journey. We make every step as simple, painless and affordable as possible.
Get new clients
For Service Providers
Are you a conveyancing solicitor, valuer or surveyor? Are you looking for more clients? InstaSale provides you with access to UK property buyers and sellers who have requested your help with their transactions. It's free to register so sign up today and get instant access to a never-ending supply of leads.
The Easiest Way to Get New Clients
Once you have registered on InstaSale you will be redirected to your very own dashboard. From there you will be able to view a list of requests from buyers and/or sellers for the services you provide. Simply, make an offer and if you win the business it will appear under Approved Offers allowing you to make contact with your new client.
How It Works
For Valuers
For Solicitors
For Surveyors
Register as a Valuer
InstaSale puts you right in the centre of the UK's property market. As property deals are agreed, sellers can request the services of a valuer in order to be sure that the price they agree with the buyer is fair. It's free for valuers to register on InstaSale.
Browse Deals
Before you put your best offer forward to a seller, you can browse the full list of deals and view the specific details of each. Then, simply choose which deals you'd like to provide your services on.
Make Your Best Offer
You've decided which properties you'd like to value so go ahead and enter your best offer. It's that simple. Within 24 hours we'll notify you if your offer has been accepted by the property owner and it will appear in your dashboard.
Arrange Appointment
Once your offer has been accepted and contact details have been shared. You'll now be asked to provide 3 available appointment slots to value the property. The property owner will then accept one of the slots or provide 3 slots of their own.
Carry Out Valuation
With your appointment time and date now set all that's left for you to do is carry out the valuation in your usual way. The property owner will then use your valuation to negotiate a fair price with the buyer.
Get a Mortgage
Whether you are looking for a mortgage or secured loan InstaSale has you covered. You can view our finance calculators inside your deal portal once you have either made an offer on a property or have listed your own. We work with the very best lenders to bring you the cheapest rates on the market.
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